Chapter 23- where the hell have you been?


I hopped out the bed, grabbed my kicks before heading to one of my spots. These niggas been stealing from me and we finally got them. I was so anxious that my trigga finger started twitching. I gripped the steering wheel tighter calling breezy.
“I already kno! I’m on my way” he said.
Nothing else had to be said. We were finally going to find out whose been stealing our money and products. It ain’t hurt our pockets but it’s the principal. When I reached the warehouse I couldn’t get out the damn car fast enough almost tripping . I put the code into the main door and it opened along with the secret elevator. I stepped on the elevator and headed straight to the back. I opened the door and seen Rick and tj body guards with breezy standing behind two chairs that were occupied with whom I would guess were our thieves. They had black bags on their heads and their legs and hands were tied behind their backs. I stepped all the way into the room letting the room door close and lock.
“take the bags off. I want to see who these two motherfuckers are that had the balls to steal from us” I said, looking at breezy as he reached down and pull the bags off them.


" wuss up Cuzzo" I said, dapping him up.
“wus good! U ready to work?”
“yea man u know me”

I came to NY cause my cuz told me he needs a right hand man and who else would he choose but family.
“what happ to that deal out in Miami?” I asked.
“them niggas wasn’t about nothing. They weren’t talking the numbers I wanted to hear but I did catch a bad bitch out there.
” oh word whats her name? I might know her”
” oh naw I don’t know any Tiffany’s but if u was fucking with her I know she was niceee”
” yea man a nice red bone. If I go back to Miami ima have to put that under the wing”
” u ain’t the only one fucking with bad bitches”
” oh word lil cuz?”
” yea trigga her names Bria. Her fine ass!”


I was sitting here listening to this nigga talk about some chick name Bria and she sounded like my Bria but I know that can’t be. I mean would she really move to Miami? Even though now that I think about it I haven’t heard anything. Last time I checked she was living with her mother but that was a lil minute ago. Ima def have to look into that but Rico ain’t bri type no way. So what I’m tripping on? She only fuck with bosses
“aight man enough about bitches. I need your help with something.”
“I need help finding out who killed Stephanie. I know that shyt wasn’t a suicide. My sources say they out in Miami but they could have fled the scene”
“what u need me to do?” He asked.
” aight listen…”


“Pretty gang, that girl from the pretty gang
I’m a street nigga from the hood
And I only fuck with girls from the pretty gang
Pretty gang, that girl from the pretty gang
I’m a real nigga from the hood
But I only fuck with girls from the pretty gang”

I knew it was Draya calling by the ringtone but I didn’t Have the time to talk to her right now. For the past few hrs these niggas have been getting Beat up by Rick and tj.

“Y’all ready to talk?” I asked, as I snatched the tape off their mouths.
“Who sent you? Cause I know niggas know better than to steal from us. Hell niggas don’t even know our spots so it had to be an inside job!” I screamed.
“I dont know shyt!” The oldest one yelled out spitting out blood as well.
“So you must be ready to die huh?” I asked, pulling out my bitch jade and taking the safety off.
“Nooooo don’t kill my brother!” The younger one said.
“Man shut up, I’m not snitching so if he gone kill me let him.”
“You want to die over some nigga we dont know? Hell no yung”
“Yung huh? Ok we getting somewhere. So what’s ur name?” I said, asking the younger one
“Neef ! But listen we..”
“I don’t want to hear all that I just want to know who sent you.” I barked.
“Will you let my little brother go if I tell you?” Yung asked.

I looked at breezy and he shifted and leaned back into his seat. I know he was contemplating it. If you ask me the little nigga had heart and he was loyal. He was looking out for his fam and covering for a nigga he didn’t know. And on top of that ready to take a bullet.

“Tell us what we want to know!” breezy said, sternly getting up to stand next to me.

I didn’t really want to kill these little niggas cause I already know their story. They were two yung niggas living on the street robbing corner stores to get by. So I knew them getting the opportunity to make some real money wasn’t something they would turn down. They were just trying to eat but they tried to eat off the wrong plates.

“We don’t know his name” neef said looking at yung
“Fuk u looking at him for? You lying? “Tyga said drawing his gun to neef head.
“Chill out man!” I said dropping his arm.
“Look he ran up on us in a black Benz. He asked us if we wanted to make some real money and at first we declined but we eventually changed our minds since we knew we had nothing to loose. He never told us his name. I swear!” Neef said all in one breath.
“He gave us a disposable phone so he can contact us and vice versa. Told us where everything was located and when to get the shyt!
“He said we would split the money and product 50/50 but then changed his mind and let us keep whatever we found. He just kept saying something about payback. He called us a couple of days ago telling us to lay low until he came back from NY.” Yung said.
“New York?” I asked.
“Yea he said he had a job out there and that he would be back in a week.”
“You sure u don’t know his name?”
“Positive but he does have a lot of tattoos” yung said.

I looked at Ty as we both tried to figure out who it could be. It was either kirko, ricko or wiz. They were the only tatted up niggas in the crew besides Me and Tyga.

“Wait his license plate said something love.” Yung said.
“R love?” I questioned.
“Yea yea yea that’s it!” They both said loudly.

Ty and I looked at each other immediately and knew exactly who it was. This nigga Rico!oh yea we def got something for that ass when he gets back.

“Let me go” I told Rick as Ty and I walked to the door.
“Make no mistake though yall niggas steal from us again or even utter a word to this nigga that we know, next time we find you it won’t end well”. I stated right before walking out the door.

“I-I, I’m not living life
I’m not living right
I’m not living if you’re not by my side

“Ayo man go handle that” Tyga said laughing at the fact that he knew it was dray calling me.
“I had the same ringtone for Bria.”He said as we both cracked up laughing at how sprung we were going to our cars.
“Aight man meet up tomorrow to plan this shyt out!” I said pressing the start button for my ignition.
“Bet! Be safe my nigga!” He said driving off as Rick followed him in a black unmarked truck and tj did the same with me.
“Wuss up baby” I asked answering my phone
“Where u at?” She purred.
“Damn I’m on my way”
“Hurry!” She moaned. I could tell she was playing with her pussy.
“Don’t start without me dray!” I said sternly gripping the wheel as my dick began to get hard.
“Give me 10 minutes!” I said hanging up the phone and pressing down on the gas.

I looked at my watch as I pulled up to the driveway of my house. 8 minutes. I grinned. My dick stood at full attention once I got out of my car. I couldn’t get in the house fast enough. I started up the stairs as I unbuckled my belt and let my pants fall. Stepping out of them I reached for my shirt and flung it off as i reached the top of the steps. I walked to the bathroom and pulled the door back to see draya completely naked with her legs spread wide open.


Shyt! 10 minutes is way too long! But I know he’s probably speeding on the highway right now. I woke up horny as hell and I needed to feel his stroke. I turned on the tv hoping to catch something interesting on to make the time go by faster but ended up turning it right back off. This had to be the longest 10 minutes of my life! I took my bra and robe off and began to caress my titts. I placed my right hand on my kitty and instantly got wet. I massaged my pearl through my la pearla underwear thinking about breezy. Damn that man! I couldn’t take it no more. I took the rim of my panties and pulled them down swiftly hearing the front door slam as I threw them in the corner of the room. daddys home! I looked at the clock. Eight minutes!

“I told you not to start without me right?” He said coming through the bedroom door butt ass naked and his dick at attention.
“I didn’t” I said smirking.
“Now u lying to me huh?” He questioned gripping my legs and causing my body to be pulled down to the edge of the bed.
“Why my shyt so wet if u didn’t start without me?” He said looking down at my pussy smiling.
“Yo shyt huh?”
“My shyt!” He said lowering his head in between my legs.
“Ooo” I cooed as I felt his tongue lick around my clit.
“B(slurp) R(slurp) E(slurp) E(slurp) Z(slurp) Y(slurp)”

I moaned the whole time he spelled his name in my pussy. I like talking my shyt to him. Makes sex that much more better.


“Daddyyyyyyyy ” I heard dray yell as I pulled her hair and smacked her ass hard hitting it from the back.
“Baby ima cum”
“Hold that shyt dray”
“Ooo I cantttt”

I felt her pussy contract on my dick and knew she was about to cum. I slid all the way out then rammed my Dick back in.

“Umm hmmm I don’t hear u talkin that shyt now.who pussy is this?”
“Yours baby!” she said, clapping her ass on my dick.just the site of it had me ready to nut.
“What’s my name dray?”
“What’s my name dray?” I asked, playing with her clit.
“Breezyyyyyyyyyyyy!” She screamed letting her juices flow as i followed suit and let one loose on her butt.
“Don’t start without me no more”.I said pulling her hair and biting her neck.
“Hmmm yes daddy.” She moaned closing her eyes and falling asleep
“Yea that ass is mine.all mine!” I thought smiling before drifting off to sleep right with her.


I Pulled up in front of my house With tj right behind me and proceeded to the door. I placed the key in the door and turned the door knob and opened the door
“Where the hell u been?”

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